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Hair Services

Hair Services in Boston, MA

If you are looking for a change or want to liven up your look, visit FrancesRay Jules. We offer a variety of hair services in Boston, MA, including men's and women's haircuts, conditioning treatments, and more. A complimentary 15-minute consultation is available for any salon service to ensure you get the look you want. Once your cut is complete, choose your new look with our styling services.

Haircuts in Boston, MA


Your hairstyle should complement your face and make you feel amazing.  Our highly trained stylist will work with you to get the best look that suits you.

  • Wash Cut & Blow Dry  - $65+
  • Wash Cut - $40+
  • Kids Cut - $30+
  • Wash and Blow Dry - $45+


We offer a variety of different conditioning treatments to get your hair back to a healthy state. Our treatments include:

Express Hydrating Treatment - $20+
Add moisture to thirsty dry hair.

Keratin Bond Building Treatment – $25+
Rebuild and repair damaged bonds with Keratin.

Oil Infused Reconstructive Treatment – $25+
Choose from several mask infused oil treatments for extremely damaged hair for inner repair

Fiber Clinix – $35+
Customize your treatment with 5 different boosters for all hair types.

Scalp Relief Treatment - $25+
Revitalize sluggish dry scalp and enjoy a relaxing scalp massage.

3 In 1 Mender - $50+

CBD infused treatment will help eliminate frizz and mend split ends.

Add Some Pizzazz With Our Hair Coloring

From hair coloring services to permanent waves and updos, FrancesRay Jules in Boston, Massachusetts, ensures you look good no matter where you are going. Hold your head high and strut your stuff with confidence as you rock your new hairstyle. If you are interested in a longer, fuller head of hair, try our extensions.

Formal Styling


Step out of our salon with a beautifully styled head of hair. You'll love the work we do. Services and prices are:

  • Blow Dry - $35+
  • Blow Dry Class - $75+
    (One Hour Class With Your Stylist to Learn the Tricks of the Trade)
  • Flat/Curling Iron - $20+
    (Blow Dry Not Included)
  • Braids and Cornrows
    - Priced Accordingly
  • Full Updo - $65+
    (Blow Dry Not Included)
  • Partial Updo - $55+ 
    (Blow Dry Not Included)


Shake things up with a new look to your 'do by adding some vibrant color. Our coloring services include:

  • Single Process
    1st Visit - $90
    1-6 Weeks - $65+
    7-12 Weeks - $75+
    12+ Weeks - $85+
  • Semi-Permanent - $55+
  • Demi-Permanent - $55+
  • Color Toners - $35+
  • Double Process - $85 and Up
  • Partial Highlight - $100+
  • Full Highlight - $125+
  • Special Effect - $45+
    (Glazes, Sunbursts, Glosses)
  • Ombre - $125+
  • Balayage - $135+
  • Corrective Coloring
    - Priced Accordingly
Colored Hair


Add a little curl to your hair with a perm. Our stylists offer the following services:

  • Spiral Piggyback - $125+
  • Full Permanent Wave - $100+
  • Partial Permanent Wave - $75+

Smoothing Treatments

Eliminate frizz and debulk your hair while infusing it with Keratin and create smooth soft hair.
Choose from one of our treatments:

Keratin Complex Original
Take all the benefits from our express blow out treatment but have it last up to 12 weeks

Brazilian Blow out Original
With bonding technology this treatment will smooth, debulk, and reduce the frizz in your hair. Lasting up to 12 weeks this will also reduce the drying time.

Express Blowout Treatment
This one-hour Keratin treatment by Keratin Complex is perfect for the woman on the go as it reduces frizz, curl, and styling time, resulting in smoother, silkier, more manageable hair that lasts up to six weeks. It is priced accordingly.

Extend Your Hair and Wow Your Friends

Enhance your hair by adding length and volume with hair extensions from FrancesRay Jules in Boston, Massachusetts. You'll love your new weft of hair as you lovingly run your fingers through it. We can give you the hair you've always wanted. Make your skin glow as much as your hair with our skincare services.


Get the length and fullness you've always wanted for your hair with our extensions. You can add the following types:

Ladies with Hair Extensions

Poly Bond Extensions
These strand-by-strand extensions are attached to your own hair with a keratin protein bond and generally last four to six months.  Prices will be discussed at Consultation.

Micro Link Extensions
This system is applied using a small micro-cylinder ring to attach each strand of hair to a strand of your own hair and lasts about two to four months. Prices will be discussed at Consultation.

Track Extensions
Track extensions are attached by sewing a weft of hair to a thin section of your natural hair and generally last four to six weeks. Prices will be discussed at Consultation.

Extension Removal
When you're ready for the extensions to be removed, our stylists will delicately lift them from your hair. Prices will be discussed at Consultation.

Extension Prep
Consultation must be booked prior to all perm, relaxer, ionic and extension services. Prices will be discussed at Consultation. .